Hello and welcome to JiT Blog.

My name is Jason Tolotta and I created this to share my knowledge in the areas of information technology.

I have had a well-rounded career in different roles involving and not limited to software development, quality assurance, database administration, networking and software management.

The best part is, my job is my hobby.

JiT Blog is constructed based on my experience and by those I have worked with throughout my life.

This website implements a Responsive Web Design and uses a single-column layout.

I would like to acknowledge the following technology providers that are being used to drive this site.

FastComet (Hosting) – Offers high performance cloud hosting with SSD-only servers.

FoundationPress (WordPress Template) – Integrates the Foundation CSS Framework into WordPress and providing a responsive starter theme to easily customize.

WordPress (Blog Framework) – Simple website, blog or app builder.

MySQL (Oracle) – Easy relational database that has proven itself for more than 20 years.

Thank you for reading and I hope that this information provides some benefit.