JMeter Remote Start

JMeter is used to simulate load on a web or network application to collect performance data for analysis. While developing JMeter scripts are easy enough to do on a standard laptop or desktop, it is not effective to run the tests due to the limitation of resources available. The limitations could be not having enough […]

HP ALM VBScript – Upload the Most Recent File in Folder

Some test artifacts are generated with random names or appended with time-stamps. This makes it difficult to attach the right file to the test run. Below is an example to find the latest screenshot file. REM Upload test screenshot. Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Set folder = fso.GetFolder(screenshotPath) Set recentFile = Nothing REM Search for the […]

Switch Windows Using Selenium WebDriver

Some web applications open a new window in order to section specific data entry or view. Selenium can switch windows via the window handle. The following is an example and must be configured for a specific website under test. // Store the current window handle String winHandleBefore = driver.getWindowHandle(); // Perform the click operation that […]

Get Entity Field Values as String in Java

The following uses the Apache Commons Lang library that provides the ReflectionToStringBuilder class to assist in the construction of object field values into a single String value. This is quite useful for the viewing all the objects field values and assignments in an easily readable format. The below example uses JDK 1.8 and the Apache […]

JUnit Theory Tests

A Theory JUnit test is a subset of the Parameterized JUnit test feature. It is very similar in respects to driving tests with a set of test data, except with a few differences as explained below. The test class is annotated with @RunWith(Theories.class) The test does not require a constructor to assign values, which reduces […]

Selenium ChromeDriver for Android

Selenium is well known with automation testing of web applications, but a lot of businesses are moving their attention away from the desktop and onto the mobile platform. The Selenium ChromeDriver allows Selenium tests to be run in a Chrome browser. The best part, is that the Chrome browser on Android devices are compatible. The […]

Map Two Collections Together in Java

There are times where two separate entity object collections need to be mapped one-to-one. The following code will combine two generic type collections together. It also assesses the size of both collections and key uniqueness. /** * Combines two generic type lists into a map. * * Detects key collisions and duplicate keys. * * […]

The IT Journey

To create something by just using your mind is one of the greatest achievements anyone can do. The IT industry is exciting, dynamic and continues to evolve through each generation. Developing software provides an indescribable feeling of accomplishment and instant satisfaction. The transition of an idea to an application is a journey no-one forgets and […]