React Native with MEmu Emulator

The Android Virtual Devices that are installed through Android Studio are slower than a physical device. MEmu is a high performance, fully compatible Android emulator that allows multiple instances. It truly brings the Android experience to Microsoft Windows devices. The following is a guide to setup a Reactive Native project with the MEmu emulator. MEmu Requirements… Continue reading React Native with MEmu Emulator

Scala IDE for Eclipse

There are currently three Scala development environments available; IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans and Eclipse IDE. The following is an excerpt from Scala IDE Scala IDE provides support for development of Scala applications in the Eclipse platform. The main purpose is the support for the Scala language and the integration with the Eclipse Java tools. It provides… Continue reading Scala IDE for Eclipse

Build Maven Standalone Tests

Maven projects are not only used for building standalone or web applications they are also used for providing robust test frameworks using Java. Running a standalone test is difficult, because the problem is that Maven packages the JAR file with only the main classes or test classes separately without the full dependencies. The following describes… Continue reading Build Maven Standalone Tests

Open Windows Folder Containing File from Eclipse

There are a number of times where the developer requires to look at the folder where project resources are stored. There are two ways though that a folder can be opened directly from Eclipse thus eliminating the need to navigate the project packages manually. Firstly, StartExplorer Eclipse plug-in is an easy way to implement this.… Continue reading Open Windows Folder Containing File from Eclipse

Remove Extra New Lines and Whitespace Using Java Regex

Sometimes when extracting text from another item may result in formatting issues that involve extra blank lines or leading/trailing whitespace on each line. This commonly occurs when extracting from HTML elements or XML documents. The following String regular expressions can fix the following issues. (?m) = multi-line mode The following removes the leading/trailing whitespace from… Continue reading Remove Extra New Lines and Whitespace Using Java Regex

jQuery – Scroll to Top

Using anchors within the same page to navigate between sections is a good way to improve the user’s experience. However, this jump occurs in an instant and gives the user little feedback to indicate that the document position has changed. The use of animations can greatly improve the user experience and feedback by creating on-demand… Continue reading jQuery – Scroll to Top