Open Windows Folder Containing File from Eclipse

There are a number of times where the developer requires to look at the folder where project resources are stored.

There are two ways though that a folder can be opened directly from Eclipse thus eliminating the need to navigate the project packages manually.

Firstly, StartExplorer Eclipse plug-in is an easy way to implement this.

Secondly, if there is an issue with installation, then there is a manual method to open explorer via Eclipse.

1. In Eclipse, from the menu select Run > External Tools > External Tools Configuration….

2. Double-click on the Program item in the left-pane to create a New Configuration.

3. In the Main tab, enter the following details:
Name: Open in Explorer
Location: C:\Windows\explorer.exe
Arguments: /select,${selected_resource_loc}

4. Click the Build tab.

5. Uncheck the Build before launch checkbox.

6. Click the Common tab.

7. Under the Display in favorites menu section, check the External Tools checkbox.

8. Uncheck Allocate console (necessary for input) checkbox.

9. Uncheck the Launch in background checkbox.

10. Click the Apply button.

11. Close the dialog.

Now when an Eclipse Project file is opened, you can click on the Run External Tool button (Next to the Run As… button) on the toolbar to launch Windows Explorer to view the folder contents.






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