Selenide with BrowserMob Proxy

The following is a guide to use BrowserMob Proxy to capture network traffic with Selenide as the test automation framework.

This is useful to understand how the web application interacts with clients, servers, databases or other systems.

BrowserMob Proxy

The following has been extracted from the BrowserMob Proxy website (as of 2016-07-01) to give context as to why this is so useful.

BrowserMob proxy is based on technology developed in the Selenium open source project and a commercial load testing and monitoring service originally called BrowserMob and now part of Neustar.

The proxy is a free (Apache 2.0 license)

Build Maven Standalone Tests

Maven projects are not only used for building standalone or web applications they are also used for providing robust test frameworks using Java.

Running a standalone test is difficult, because the problem is that Maven packages the JAR file with only the main classes or test classes separately without the full dependencies.

The following describes how to create a standalone JAR file with test and main classes as well as all the dependencies.

1. Create a new XML file, e.g. test-jar-with-dependencies.xml, in the project path, e.g. src/main/assembly

2. Edit the test-jar-with-dependencies.xml file and copy

Fix Outlook Categories

Sometimes the categories are no longer valid and appear as white squares.

Also, each category cannot be assigned unless it is re-created.

If there are a lot of categories, then this process can take sometime.

Microsoft provided a solution to resolve this tedious behavior, but it is one of those hidden features.

1. Ensure that Outlook is open and the Mail tab is selected.

2. Right-click on the account that contains the categories and click on the Data Properties... item.

Click on Data Properties...

3. Click on the Upgrade to Color Categories... button to continue the process.

Click on Upgrade to Color Categories... button

4. A dialog prompt appears that informs

SQL Server XML Data Retrieval Using XQuery

SQL Server allows that storage of XML in table columns.

The XML can be stored in either a plain text data type or as valid XML.

The most efficient way of accessing the XML is using a temporary table to store XML data.

The main reason is that the column may not be an XML data type and it also allows more control over the output.

XML Text Values

The XML text is a value specified between the start and end tags.

DECLARE @XmlTable TABLE (XmlResult XML)
    FROM [Book];

Linux LAMP Installation Guide

LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

However, over the years LAMP refers to any deployment stack involving similar components such as the replacement of PHP with Python.

Additionally, the component does not necessarily have to start with the same letter such as MySQL can be easily replaced by PostgreSQL.

The following is a quick start guide to setup the LAMP environment using Linux Debian, such as Ubuntu.

WARNING: You must have root access in order to continue as Linux will prompt for a password.


To make sure that the latest package list is used run the following.