Scala IDE for Eclipse

There are currently three Scala development environments available; IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans and Eclipse IDE.

The following is an excerpt from Scala IDE

Scala IDE provides support for development of Scala applications in the Eclipse platform.

The main purpose is the support for the Scala language and the integration with the Eclipse Java tools.

It provides many of the features Eclipse users have come to expect including:

Support for mixed Scala/Java projects and any combination of Scala/Java project dependencies. Type driven operations are transparent across Scala and Java files and projects, allowing straightforward references from Scala to Java and

Open Windows Folder Containing File from Eclipse

There are a number of times where the developer requires to look at the folder where project resources are stored.

There are two ways though that a folder can be opened directly from Eclipse thus eliminating the need to navigate the project packages manually.

Firstly, StartExplorer Eclipse plug-in is an easy way to implement this.

Secondly, if there is an issue with installation, then there is a manual method to open explorer via Eclipse.

1. In Eclipse, from the menu select Run > External Tools > External Tools Configuration....

2. Double-click on the Program item in the left-pane to create