Build Maven Standalone Tests

Maven projects are not only used for building standalone or web applications they are also used for providing robust test frameworks using Java. Running a standalone test is difficult, because the problem is that Maven packages the JAR file with only the main classes or test classes separately without the full dependencies. The following describes… Continue reading Build Maven Standalone Tests

Upload a File Using Selenium WebDriver

Web application testing is not only about the on-screen functionality but also involves interacting with external resources, such as images, documents and other media. To upload a file using Selenium, the file path is needed to be set in the input element control before submitting the form. On the form the control to inspect should… Continue reading Upload a File Using Selenium WebDriver

JMeter Remote Start

JMeter is used to simulate load on a web or network application to collect performance data for analysis. While developing JMeter scripts are easy enough to do on a standard laptop or desktop, it is not effective to run the tests due to the limitation of resources available. The limitations could be not having enough… Continue reading JMeter Remote Start

HP ALM VBScript – Upload the Most Recent File in Folder

Some test artifacts are generated with random names or appended with time-stamps. This makes it difficult to attach the right file to the test run. Below is an example to find the latest screenshot file. REM Upload test screenshot. Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Set folder = fso.GetFolder(screenshotPath) Set recentFile = Nothing REM Search for the… Continue reading HP ALM VBScript – Upload the Most Recent File in Folder

Selenium ChromeDriver for Android

Selenium is well known with automation testing of web applications, but a lot of businesses are moving their attention away from the desktop and onto the mobile platform. The Selenium ChromeDriver allows Selenium tests to be run in a Chrome browser. The best part, is that the Chrome browser on Android devices are compatible. The… Continue reading Selenium ChromeDriver for Android