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  • Build Maven Standalone Tests

    Maven projects are not only used for building standalone or web applications they are also used for providing robust test frameworks using Java. Running a standalone test is difficult, because the problem is that Maven packages the JAR file with only the main classes or test classes separately without the full dependencies. The following describes […]

  • Upload a File Using Selenium WebDriver

    Web application testing is not only about the on-screen functionality but also involves interacting with external resources, such as images, documents and other media. To upload a file using Selenium, the file path is needed to be set in the input element control before submitting the form. On the form the control to inspect should […]

  • JMeter Remote Start

    JMeter is used to simulate load on a web or network application to collect performance data for analysis. While developing JMeter scripts are easy enough to do on a standard laptop or desktop, it is not effective to run the tests due to the limitation of resources available. The limitations could be not having enough […]

  • HP ALM VBScript – Upload the Most Recent File in Folder

    Some test artifacts are generated with random names or appended with time-stamps. This makes it difficult to attach the right file to the test run. Below is an example to find the latest screenshot file. REM Upload test screenshot. Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Set folder = fso.GetFolder(screenshotPath) Set recentFile = Nothing REM Search for the […]

  • JUnit Theory Tests

    A Theory JUnit test is a subset of the Parameterized JUnit test feature. It is very similar in respects to driving tests with a set of test data, except with a few differences as explained below. The test class is annotated with @RunWith(Theories.class) The test does not require a constructor to assign values, which reduces […]

  • Selenium ChromeDriver for Android

    Selenium is well known with automation testing of web applications, but a lot of businesses are moving their attention away from the desktop and onto the mobile platform. The Selenium ChromeDriver allows Selenium tests to be run in a Chrome browser. The best part, is that the Chrome browser on Android devices are compatible. The […]